Many members of Lamun Mock Cunnyngham & Davis, P.C.’s dedicated staff have provided quality legal services and customer service to clients for more than a decade. Experience, knowledge of procedures and regulations, innovation and a proprietary file tracking and management system allow the firm to expedite the movement of cases through the foreclosure process to minimize losses to clients.

REO and Closing

Lamun Mock Cunnyngham & Davis, P.C. is set up to close sales of residential and commercial properties and handles closings, including issuance of title insurance and title curative matters, of foreclosed properties. The firm furnishes "cradle to the grave" legal services for its clients, from processing the foreclosure case to final disposition of the asset.


Attorneys and staff at Lamun Mock Cunnyngham & Davis, P.C., are aware of the need to promptly secure possession of foreclosed properties for lenders. The firm has extensive experience in dealing with sheriff’s departments all over the State of Oklahoma and is knowledgeable about the local rules and procedures which vary from county to county.

Fee and Cost Schedule

The firm’s fee schedule complies with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA guidelines. If particular cases are expected to exceed guidelines, the firm is knowledgeable about over-allowable procedures and guidelines for these entities and will give prior notice to the client.

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